My Story


What do I care about?

Sustainable wellness

Ending suffering

Living foods

Expanding Consciousness; being loving awareness, being myself.

Helping people

Inner peace; serenity, freedom

Conscious consumption and sustainability

Unity, equality, oneness

What is my purpose behind what I do?

To guide people who are learning to make self care a part of their lifestyle.

To guide others to realize their potential.

To be more understanding & forgiving; to be open minded.

To expand in love and inspire others to do the same.

Guiding people to love themselves; love their life, others and the world.

To show people how to ‘do’ from a place of being you; whatever you do, do it with love.

What brought me here?

Following a call to adventure more in life.

Wanting to explore to learn about what I wanted to do in life. More so to learn about myself and reality and how to be. - expand upon

Hitting low points and learning from them.

Learning about myself and how nature works.

Diving into learning what love and health actually is.

What moment would I consider my turning point?

Getting to a point of feeling restless and helpless and realizing I didn't want to feel that way anymore and that only I could do something about it. Then the search for a better way of being really began.

What did my life look like before this point?

I was “trying” to make my new photography business work. But it wasn’t working because I wasn’t working. I was trying, but wasn’t doing. Really, I wasn’t being what I really am. The creativity wasn’t being shared. I was in a new place with a new girlfriend and another new car, but still wasn’t really happy. All of this was amazing, but it wasn’t supplying or creating sustainable happiness. I couldn’t sleep from having a strong case of restless legs going on and this was a symptom that was adding to this unsettling feeling that was almost always there inside. I often felt tired and weak with a real lack of mental clarity. I had glimpses of hope and wanting to feel better, but was mostly stuck in some sort of sadness and despair that just felt unavoidable.

Once I made the decision to change, what did I do next?

Once I decided that there must be a better way, there was an underlying intent to do whatever it took to understand the state I was in, the cause, and where to go from there. This included researching nutrition and learning more about how to be healthy and what it really looked like. I ended up watching a documentary about the animal industry and learned some things that I couldn’t ignore or unlearn. It wasn’t until I started implementing some of what I was learning about what to eat that I then started to experience what it could feel like. I had a new perspective on what I was consuming and how it was contributing to not only my lack of health, but was detrimental to animals and the world. I stopped eating all animal products while also reducing the amount of packaged and processed foods and started eating more living, life supporting foods like fruits, vegetables and herbs. This pretty quickly contributed to a sense of clarity and calm that I had never experienced before. This was serious motivation to learn more about the power of plants and other parts of healing that I hadn’t considered yet, such as how our body and minds are intrinsically connected.

- I started researching cleansing, meditation, metaphysics, quantum physics and neuroscience.

How did my life start to change?

Without the heavy, processed, unhealthy foods using up most of my energy and disconnecting me from my true self, better days began happening more frequently. Digestion was suddenly hugely improved and continues to progress. This resulting in more mental clarity allows me to focus in ways that I never knew possible. This in itself has inspired me to share my story so that people can have a bigger chance at experiencing this expansion for themselves. With more calm, I was able to slow down and process my thoughts and emotions more and see them for what they are; things that I am aware of but are not who I am. This allowed me to let go of old thought patterns and habits that were not in my best interest, and begin to choose more consciously how I respond to things in life and choose how I want to live my life with my own best interests in mind. I made more time for self-reflection, learning about healthy habits and strategies for sustainable healthy living and took on a passion for always being a learner of life. I began to grow more confident in myself and started realizing more potential and possibilities within, in others and in the world. I started to pay more attention to my own needs so that I can be of better service to others by being more giving and ultimately loving. I would have never realized all the love I have to give if I didn’t come to remember who I really am and have a love for myself first. My compassion for others continues to expand as I am able to see others perspectives more clearly from a place of empathy, understanding and acceptance. With this and a strong calling to help those who could use a hand on their own journey, I have found true meaning and purpose in life.

What are some challenges or obstacles as I journey through my transformation?

One of the biggest challenges on this journey is facing and replacing fear. Fear can keep us stuck in mental and physical habits that do not serve us, even if they may feel comfortable in some way. Fear and doubt was leading to lots of procrastination. I had to really look at and learn about the fears I was letting get in the way in order to move forward without it holding me back. I had to realize “I” was my own worst enemy and how to get these limiting beliefs out of the way of expressing who I am and doing what I really want to do.

What do I want to share with others?

I want to share life with others by being an example and a guide to finding our alignment through healthy habits that cultivate sustainable wellness and an expanding consciousness.

What does my life look like now?

Life is now looking more and more like infinite abundance, possibility, potential and love. Being present is the key to unlocking the door to loving awareness, which is where we can see, in a new light, life like we never have before. It is very hopeful and exciting, even without knowing what could come next. Life is now more a process of experiencing and going with the flow, while expanding awareness and co-creating the life that is most true to my innermost self. I intend to align with my true self every day and realize that all is in my best interests and everything is to learn from. Life looks like a beautiful school that is so much bigger and more all encompassing of the truth than the schooling that we received as children and young adults where a lot of our programming may have taken place. It feels a lot like stepping out of a box that I hid in, and stepping out into who I really am without my inner critic and harmful habits and beliefs keeping me stuck in playing small.

What’s next?

From here I am open to life and all that it has to offer, along with giving the valuable insights I have received while on my journey of transformation in hopes that it sparks hope, inspiration and growth for others. I want to be part of building a better present and future for myself and others by creating community for people to witness and be part of a new way of living with love, abundance, fun and freedom at the core.

What do I love about my process?

What I love about my process is that everyday is an opportunity to realize and experience more love and appreciation for all that is. I love seeing others have moments of introspection, realization and appreciation for themselves and life. I love being part of what opens new doors for others that sparks creativity and inspired action. I love becoming more conscious and observant in ways that encourage awe and gratitude to expand every day and in ways that inspire others to do the same. I love that this process cultivates trust and confidence in ourselves and establishes a deeper realization of the support that we have all around and within us.

What is it about my story that I want to relay to others?

I would like to show others that change is constant and that we can get in alignment with this flow so that we can be part of a change that unites us with others and everything around us in ways we never knew possible. By becoming aware of our resistance and roadblocks to waking up to our true selves, we can move on from what hinders our fullest expression.